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At the homebrew store, Paul still tries to figure out what pot to buy for homebrewing.

Homebrew store employee: You'd better buy this titanium brew pot. Lasts much longer than stainless steel.

Homebrew store employee: ...which only lasts decades.

You can eventually pass that to your grand children, with all the

...burnt in wisdom and experience!

...burnt-in malt

Homebrew store employee: Even NASA uses titanium! With this pot you can brew on the moon! The authentic brew of short, cold, full moon nights!

Paul: I somehow don't think I'll brew on the moon any time soon...

Homebrew store employee: But if commercial space flight takes off big in a few years, you'll have to buy a new pot! Can't brew real original full moon pale ale from outer space when you're on earth!

Paul: That's a risk I'm willing to take.

Homebrew store employee: No risk, no fun! I also recommend this lava proof thermometer! If anybody brews on a volcano, it must be a maverick just like you!

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