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Brew what I want!

Reverse sales psychology.


At the homebrew store, Paul checks out the shelves.

Paul: So many flavors, spices, stuff...

Homebrew store employee: Stay away from that. Nothing on that shelf is for beginners like you.

Paul: Is the red or the blue thermometer better?

Homebrew store employee: Forget both. Just get a can of malt extract, that is idiot-proof.

Paul: What is this stuff?

Homebrew store employee: Just put it back. You cannot handle that anyway.

Paul: Maybe in a few years, if you practice and do your homework and listen to your local homebrew store clerk.

Paul: Screw that! You can't tell me anything! I'll just buy and brew whatever I want and there's nothing you can do!

Homebrew store employee: What...?

Paul: Take that!

Homebrew store employee: Works every single time.

Till he actually has a clue.

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