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First time here

Remember your first time in that special store?


Paul and Max arrive at a store.

Paul: I've never been here... let's see!

The sign above the door reads: Not All Hop Is Lost

As soon as Paul and Max enter the store, they're floored.

A sign on the wall reads: NO Stairway to heaven

Label on a can: Grassy Giant DMS-Extract

Paul: Look at all these yeasts! And none for baking!

Max: I never knew there were so many kinds of pots!

Paul: Look at this shiny all chrome baby!

Max: Wow! Crazy! A piece of pipe!

While Paul and Max sit in a brew pot pretending it's a boat and paddling with a mash paddle, a mildly smiling store clerk asks: I take it this is your first time here?

Tags: homebrew store

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