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Barfing for the sake of barfing

The election advice


Max and Paul are having a beer when big Bubba gets up and starts screaming around.

Bubba: This beer is disgusting! And it's Hillary's fault! And China's!

Bubba: Make Ale great again! Witch hunt!

Bubba: I have to barf! Build a wall to keep Tres I Griegas out!

Bubba slams the his mug in his head: Ouch!

Paul: Are you finally done with that crap? Have a Compromise cream ale? Mediator Märzen? California common grounds?

Bubba: Grab 'em by the pils! Can a man not even drink a beer?

Paul: Collusion coffee stout?

Bubba: Never!

Paul: Why don't you all try something decent instead of barfing for the sake of barfing? Especially with elections coming up?

Tags: Tres I Griegas cream ale märzen politics

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