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All cartoons and comics on Creative Commons Lizenz are done by Robert Wenner. You can licence them under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution - Non-commercial - Share Alike 4.0 International Licence.

If you want to use material from this page in another way, for example in a book, or if you'd like cartoons in a higher resolution, please contact me by email (see above).

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Software and font

The comics are made with Inkscape. A Perl module helps with language-specifics and generates the web pages.

Beer comics use the Comic Relief open font by Loudifier.

About me

I've been drawing comics and cartoons since school. Neither teachers nor parents were terribly excited about it. In college I had a three times per week comic on our college, its professors, and classes.

I've brewed my first beer in November 2008, but only started brewing on a regular basis in summer of 2009.

I've reached the "Elite" badge on untappd (Nov 2018).

I'm a BJCP Recognized Judge (Dec 2018).