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Imaginary IPA

Every influencer's career has a rough start.


Paul and Max sit at the table. Max smiles at his phone, selfie-style.

Paul: Ok, I'll help with your beer review channel, but I have no idea why anybody would want to watch other people drink beer and listen to their rants about it.

Max, taking his eyes from the phone: Me neither. But who cares, as long as breweries send us their beer for free to review?

Paul, positively surprised: Wow, they do?

Max, rolling his eyes: Well... I'm still working on that part.

Paul, bored, with an empty glass in his hand: Here we have an Imaginary IPA.

Max, also with an empty glass, talking half to Paul and half recording himself: Needs more hops, right, Paul? For an IPA, come on! Hope their other beers are better!

Tags: IPA YouTube review

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