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I hate beer videos

It's so great that everybody can post everything on the web.


Max is watching a YouTube video on his laptop.

Video: Welcome to the next episode of the greatest beer channel ever! Remember that episode we had 5 years ago? Haha! That was so funny! And then he said...

Max: Yawn.

Video: Support for this video comes from Chorepox! If you have to dump a bad batch, flush it with Chorepox! Chorepox, for all your bad batch needs!

Max: As if I cared...

Video: To support our channel, click the merchandise button below this video! We have designer handbags with our logo for just $500. Check it out!

...uh, and then, uh, I mean, what I said...

Max, slightly irritated: Wow, he says "uh" more often than he says "beer".

Video: Next up: we'll review five beers that are so local you cannot buy them anyway! Enjoy your jealousy!

Video: ...and now for the latest rare release by Utopivana brewing...

Max: Finally! The only thing I care in this video!

Video: Well, look at that, time's up for today, we're already a few minutes over! Guess Utopivana has to wait till next week!

Max: What...?!

Video: Don't forget to subscribe and signup for our newsletter!

Max: Aaaaargh! Delete! Unsubscribe! Mark as spam! Report as whatever!

Max closes the laptop: These YouTube videos are just a bunch of crap.

Max opens the laptop again: I'll start my own beer channel right away.

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