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Step confusion mash


Paul and Max stand around their brew pot.

Paul: Ok, step infusion mash. How is the temperature?

Paul, after a quick look at the thermometer, while Max waits with a little ice bucket: Argh, that's too hot! Quick, add some ice.

Paul, taking another temperature reading: Now it's too low, crank up the heat!

Paul: Now it's too hot again!

Max, throwing a frozen chicken and a pouch of frozen peas in the brew pot: We're out of ice. I'll just throw in whatever is in the freezer!

Paul, close to a panic: Too cold, too cold; heat it!

Max, equally distressed: Too hot! Way too hot! And no more frozen peas!

Paul, frustrated: This should be called step confusion mashing.

Max, wearily: Meh, it will eventually converge on the right temperature

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