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Pale Ale and IPA

Is your Pale Ale just an IPA lite?


Jessica: This tastes a bit like an IPA.

Paul: Yes, the line between IPA and pale ale can be a bit blurry.

TV news anchor: Super model Bonny M announced today that she is taking Lighty Light to court for their TV beer ads featuring her.

Jessica: So, if it is crazily hoppy, I call it IPA, and if it's only bitter, I call it pale ale?

Paul: Err... do you work in marketing?

Super model on TV: Ever since I was in those ads, I cannot meet any interesting guys anymore.

Jessica: So an IPA is a pale ale light?

Paul: Technically you could say that, but that suffix is not favorable...

Max screams as he falls over with his chair: Aaargh!

Super model on TV: Only those dumb boring lite beer drinkers keep hitting on me! It's a real pain!

Max, lying on the floor: She called my *gasp* favorite pale... *groan* light...!

Paul, kneeling by Max' side: Here, smell the fresh hops...

Jessica: A bit squeamish, are we?

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