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For connoisseurs

Some beers got everything, and from everything the most!


Max, Paul, and Jessica sit on the couch when Max brings out a bottle of beer.

Max: Try this one! It's the absolute ultimate uber craft beer!

Max: A highly imperial...

Paul: Read: alcohol clubs you over the head.

Max: ...hopped to the brim...

Paul: Bitter as some icy winter winds.

Max: ...refreshingly tart...

Paul: Makes your toenails curl.

Max: ...habanero infused...

Paul: Burns right through your throat.

Max: ... super craft beer!

Max drinks, gets clubbed on the head by a hammer, spits fire, has steam coming from his ears, has his toenails curl, and slides off the couch.

Max, on the floor, happily panting: It's for connoisseurs.

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