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Keep her?

How do you recognize your soul mate?


Max, Paul, and Jessica sit around the table.

Max: Hey Jessica, try this one! Rocky mountain oyster stout!

Paul: You are not helping...!

Max: Why not? If she drinks that she clearly has no problem with the creativity in craft beer, and you keep her, and that's the whole point, right? I am just speeding things up!

Jessica: Stout? Wussy-boy. I bet all that roasted malt masks the extra ingredient's flavors.

Max: What...?

Jessica: I heard you crafties like weird stuff in beer, so I brought some too. Try this spinach wheat. Or the serrano pilsner!

Max: Yuck. Vegetable.

Jessica: Here you can really taste the special ingredient!

Paul: Should we try another one from my list instead?

Max: Yes.

Jessica: Psst, why did you decide to keep him?

Tags: pils stout weird combinations wheat

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