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We won't have to...

The freedom of expression if you don't have to live with the consequences.


During their night locked into the BeerCraftery brewery, Max has another idea to kill time.

Max: You know what? We might as well play for real with all these shiny toys and brew some beer!

Paul, dumping malt in the mill: Don't be stingy with the malt!

Max: After all, we don't have to pay for it!

Max, dumping hops in the kettle: I don't care if you wanted to do a bock. I like hops, so here we go with lots of hops!

Paul: Ok, we don't have drink to it!

Paul, pushing a button: Done, I'll send it to the fermenter.

Max, with a expression of deep satisfaction: And this is the best: we don't have to clean or put away anything!

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