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Unusual exit

Ever tried to hide from bar personal? Made a run from the brewery? Had a beer for breakfast?


After Max and Paul brewed a batch on their inofficial brewery tour, it's dawn and they get tired.

Max: I'm done, I could really drink a beer now.

Paul: It's already light outside. And I think I hear the door.

Max: Usually I only hide after last call, not way before.

Paul, peeking through the window in the door: When the guy goes in the office to turn off the alarm, we'll run.

Max, running: And usually I run towards a brewery, not away from it!

Max: Wow, has been a while since I last came home at daylight.

Paul: And sober on top of that!

Max: I'm tired, but we can have one beer! Let's go to that little cafe for a breakfast beer!

Waiter, as Max and Paul are fast asleep at the table: Coffee stout to wake up... sure! Dang college kids.

Series BeerCraftery

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