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Midnight Miracle Malty IPA

Neither money nor bragging rights, just because you broke a few laws...


A few weeks after Paul's and Max' nightly unofficial brewery tour at BeerCraftery brewing, Paul has exciting news.

Paul, looking at his phone: BeerCraftery announced a new beer, Midnight Miracle Malty IPA. A secretly brewed mystery beer made in the middle of the night.

Whoso breweth this beer again, shall...

Max: Well, let's go for it, King Arthur!

Paul: We cannot claim it, or they will know we've let us lock in, drink all those beers, and made a big mess.

I guess we'll have to actually pay if we want to drink what we've brewed.

I need a beer.

Max: And we can't even brag about it!

Paul, drinking from a bottle: Cheers to real homebrew!

Max: It just doesn't taste right if you didn't scrub the pots after brewing.

Series BeerCraftery

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