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Ultra right beer

Conservatives should support a free market.


Max, with a beer can: New for the concerned conservative: Ultra Right Ultra Light, the world's most famous anti-woke, anti-liberal, anti-unamerican, anti-whatever beer! Show your proud protest with a big gulp!!

Max with a sixpack: We just relabel Lighty Light, but we could also sell you piss. After all, it's about the anti-woke statement, not about the beer. Only $35 gets you a whole sixpack! Surely you can spend $35 for 'Murica! Show us how you own the libs, big boy!

Max, excited: Stay tuned! Next week we'll sell you pure American air, guaranteed without chem trails or whiffs of tolerance. Don't let the government control what you breathe! Order now and we'll eat a steak to piss off a vegetarian in your name!

Tags: politics

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