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Kid Butt

The real problem with light beer.


Paul and Max are having a beer.

Paul, looking at his phone: Did you hear, Kid Rock fired shots at a few cases of bud light?

Max takes a sip: Right on! Take that, light beer!

Paul: And he gave it the finger.

Max, satisfied: Sure, why drink boring lite when there's tasty craft?

Paul puts the phone down and explains: It's not about the taste...

Max: I knew it, no accounting for taste when it doesn't have any!

Paul: It's about Bud Light advertising.

Max: Yeah, it's really a scandal that they can sell that swill as beer.

Paul drinks: He's butt hurt that Bud light works with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Max, after a moment of shock: Never mind. Does his pussy hurt, too?

Tags: light beer

Series Ultra right beer

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