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You can't be expected to remain silent if someone misses important points, now can you?


During the BeerCraftery brewery tour, tour guide Kevin meets the homebrewer in the audience.

Home brewer: I had that fermenter in the garden a few years ago. Can only take so much pressure.

Kevin thinks: I rather have 10 Lighty Light fans

Home brewer: Well, that's not quite right. At ph levels below 4.5 the amylase...

Kevin thinks: ...than one home brewer.

Home brewer: Careful with those tubes. I read on the internet that...

Kevin thinks: Only one of them will come back as well...

Home brewer: Really? You brew that Märzen again? Let me give you my Märzen recipe...

Kevin thinks: ...but he won't be as obnoxious.

Tags: brewery märzen

Series BeerCraftery

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