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She doesn't like beer


Ron and Pam step up to the bar to order a beer.

Bartender: Good evening. What can I get you?

Ron: Pam does not like beer and I'll take---

Bartender: Well, maybe she just didn't get the right beer yet? Let me give you some samples.

Bartender, handing Pam a sampling glass, as Ron rolls his eyes: Maybe something fruity? This one is dry hopped with tons of mosaic. Tastes like mango and pineapple.

Bartender, handing Pam another sample, while Ron covers his eyes in disbelief: Or a nice bock? No bitterness at all, but lots of toastyness and caramel notes.

Bartender, handing Pam yet another sample as Ron gets more and more bored: Or maybe a refreshing tart Berliner Weiße? Almost like lemonade!

Pam, happy: This is yummy. I'll take this.

Bartender, finally paying attention to Ron: And for you, sir?

Ron: Lighty Light, ice cold!

Pam, embarrassed: Ron doesn't like beer....

Tags: Lighty Light bock sexism

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