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Virtual drinking was not that bad

In memory of covid-19 virtual meetings with friends for a beer.


Max and Paul are sitting at a table, each a beer glass in hand.

Max, excited, talking so agitated that he spews spittle towards Paul: Awesome! Finally back to drinking at a bar!

Paul, leaning back to escape Max' breath and spittle: Dude, how much garlic and raw onions did you...?!

Max brings his glass to his mouth in a wide motion, drenching Paul in beer as he does so: So, down the hatch!

Paul, trying to avoid the beer shower: Hey, careful!

Max, looking at his empty glass: The first one always goes quickly! Come on, drink up, I'll get another round!

Paul, holding up his glass and weakly protesting: But I still have...

As Max goes to get the next round, Paul sits at the table, drenched in beer, with a beer puddle on the table, and wonders: Thinking about it, drinking per video conference wasn't that bad after all...

Tags: bar mess video conference

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