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Old homebrewer vs newbie at the homebrewer's meeting


Experienced homebrewer hands the waitress some money: Thanks for hosting our meeting. Here, this is for the tip jar.

Newbie gets a beer: Who knows what people will bring? I better get a pint of my favorite strong double IPA before the meeting starts.

Experienced homebrewer, as he gets some beer: Thanks, that's enough. Just sampling.

Newbie as he gets some beer: Fill it up, man! I can taste much better from a full glass! These sampling glasses are way too small anyway!

Experienced homebrewer, tasting the beer: Hm, interesting malt aroma. Did you use Carared? Maybe about 5%? Some Caramunich?

Newbie downing the pint he bought and the sample: Awesome! I'll taste it again in just a second! Almost done here!

Experienced homebrewer: Lots of solid wheat beers, and there was that one IPA with a really interesting twist on the hops.

Newbie, quite buzzed: Heck yeah! 30 beers in just 2 hours! I rock! No idea what those beers were or how they tasted, but hey, free is free!

Experienced homebrewer: You guys wanna go to the brewpub around the corner for dinner?

Newbie, plastered: Duuuude! You guys are some hooch hounds, amirite?

Caption: Experienced homebrewer vs newbie at the meeting.

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