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Informed consumer

As a beer drinker, do you have all the information to make an informed decision?


Jessica, Max, and Paul are at a bar.

Jessica studies a really long beer menu: Oh, wow, so many beers! And so many styles! I've never seen some of these before. Now what should I get...?

Max: Got your phone? Download the BJCP style guide. Quickly read those 80 pages, reference them with the menu and poof! you know what to order.

What? I just encourage livelong learning and decision making based on solid facts! I pretty much create the informed consumer!

Paul: ...if the consumer doesn't die from thirst before...

Max: Acceptable loss. Better die smart than live dumb.

Without looking at the menu , Jessica randomly points at a beer on the menu: I disagree. And I'll have... that one here. Hope it's good.

Max: Your ignorance is just...

Paul: ...charming!

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