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It's gonna be beer

How has your worst brew day been? And what was the resulting beer like?


Brew day for Max and Paul.

Paul: Shoot! I forgot to buy Vienna malt...

Max: Let's just use the new Munich malt we have.

Paul looks into he malt bag: Aah! A new bag of malt and there are already insects in it!

Max: Extended protein rest at 125°F!

Paul shows the cordless drill: The battery of the drill for the mill craps out after ten minutes!

Max: Your mother was a toothpick!

Paul looking in the empty jar: The saaz hops jar is empty...?!

Max: Oh, sorry, that Helles the other day was so boring I had to hop it up a bit.

Paul: I used tap water and forgot to put in a campden tablet...

Max: No worries. It will be always be beer eventually.

Paul: Ok, good, cause I really need one right now.

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