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Hell is paradise

Time to rewrite some "holy" books.


Deep under the beer store's basement, Toby and Max roast some sausages and marshmallows on the flames coming from a crater.

Toby: I was delivery driver for BeerCraftery. Last time I came here to deliver, I didn't find my way out again.

So I just stayed here. After all, I had just set up and stocked two brand new fridges with best BeerCraftery products!

Peace and quiet. No honking when I stand in a handicapped spot during delivery. No other people. No annoying customers. No MAGA idiots. Just peace and quiet.

I got wifi from the store, and if I need more beer I just call my old buddies back at BeerCraftery.

Paul: Hell, err, this basement, is paradise! Sign me up! Toby's witnesses?

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