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Golden cog

Is your drinking automated, sync'd with your smart home, and integrated in your lifestyle?


Paul looks at his phone and smiles..

Paul: Modern technology! 10 minutes after my first beer, the phone automatically orders the next beer!

It also automatically orders food cause it knows I will get hungry after a few beers.

The waitress brings a basket of fries.

After the third beer it disables my car key and reserves a cab for later.

After beer number five it emails my boss that I'll be late tomorrow.

After seven beers it calls home to turn on a few more lamps so that I don't trip when I come home.

After eight beers it temporarily blocks me from posting on social media.

After ten beers it orders flowers to compensate for the damage I'll do to the neighbors' front yards.

I'm not drinking for the fun anymore. I'm just a cog in the machine of all these interacting devices and services!

Max: Untappd says to keep drinking to get the Golden Cog badge!

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