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Decoction mash

Why do a decoction mash?


At the meeting of the Salads, the local homebrew club, a homebrewer asks for opinions on his beer.

Home brewer: What do you think of my Czech pils?

Other homebrewers: Mhm, great stuff!

Nice bready aroma.


Nailed it!

Love the caramel flavor!

Home brewer: Thanks! I did a decoction mash.

Other homebrewers: You don't really need decoctions.

Today's malts are so well modified.

Just add caramel malts.

Really not worth it.


Max: Wow. We need to do that deco mash thing, too!

Paul: Why? You heard them. Not needed anymore.

Max: You saw them. You don't do that deco thing for the taste, you do it to impress homebrewers!

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Series Salads

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