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Paul and Max are back at "Not All Hop Is Lost", the local homebrew store, to complain.

Max: We bought the ingredients here, and now our homebrew doesn't taste good.

Homebrew store employee: I see; if your beer tastes weird, it's the store's fault, and if it's good, that's because you're such a great brewer even on your 2nd batch.

Max: Just try it!

Homebrew store employee: I just work here, I don't drink!

Homebrew store employee: Sorry, I'm on a diet!

Homebrew store employee: You know, you should probably take it to the Salads.

Max: Where?

Homebrew store employee: Stands for "Sipping All Lagers & Ales Deliberately Served"; it's the local homebrew club.

Max: Cool!

Homebrew store employee: One day the Salads will send them all back to us...

Homebrew store employee: I just hope they can brew decent beers by that time.

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