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Circle of craft beer

Do beer styles come in waves or cycles?


Paul and Max show the progression of beer drinkers.

From regular beer drinker to craftie, and the cycle of hip

Paul: I like Lighty Light.

Max, handing Paul a beer: Try this! It'll blow your mind!

Paul, in awe: Wow! I never knew beer could taste like that!

Max, excited: From now on it's only craft beer!

An arrow points to the following circle.

Max hands Paul a beer: Sorry, it's the special tonight...

reluctantly accepting

Paul accepts the beer: Well, if it's the special tonight...

getting used to it

Paul: You know, I'd drink this even if was not the special tonight...


Max downs a beer: Best style ever!

Paul drinks: Give me that stuff again!

the need for more

Paul, a bit disappointed: Again? Gets old...

Max: For real. What's next?

snobbery: stronger, more hoppy, more extreme

Max, with a beer, raising an eyebrow: Uh... tastes ok, but that brewery is too commercial.

Paul: It's not a hamster wheel, I really enjoy this (and only this) style.

I know, you had... ... stories of orphans in the snow that were less bitter than this IPA ... whiskey with a lower ABV than this imperial barley wine ... salad dressing that was less acidic than this fruited sour ... orange juice with less orange than this NEIPA

needs something new!

Max with a new beer: Try this! It's the next new thing!

back to the start

Max: I'd love to eat, but I spent all my money at the bottle shop downtown.

Paul, holding a sign: will brew for beer

Jessica, watching the whole thing: Food snobs were yesterday. Today is crafties.

Under the circle, Paul looks at his beer glass: Hey, you know, by now I can also enjoy a nice pilsner!

Max, jumping back to the circle: Sure, sure, me too, but let me hop back in for the next fancy trend!

Quote in the bottom right corner: The last word geekdom ever has to say: He only earns his choice of beverage Who’s forced to taste them freshly every day. (reinterpreting Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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