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Historical novel

Overturning Roe vs Wade is like prohibition: the rich can still get it, the poor are criminalized, black markets and crime flourish.


Max is sitting at his laptop when Paul comes in.

Max: I'm going to write a historical novel.

Paul: Cool, what is it about?

A sinister figure stands in front of storm clouds, a book in hand, pointing towards heaven. a Max explains: A small group of extremists forces a whole country under their yoke...

A pair of eyes behind a door's sliding window: Need some?

Max: Gangsters, violence, contraband...

Woman to another woman in front of the door: Don't take it! You never know what's in it!

Max: People file for bankruptcy

Crime on the rise! Overcrowded prisons!

Max continues: Previously legal businesses are forced to close. Tax income plummets. Corrupt politicians line their pockets.

Paul: Dramatic! 1920s, prohibition?

Max: Almost. 2020s, Roe vs Wade overturned.

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