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Chance for homebrew

Do you know you chance-for-homebrew score with your brewing buddies?


Mike holds a chile homebrew and asks: Oops, I picked the wrong beer. Can I dump that and take a new one?

Paul grumbles: Why do I even make the labels? CFH: -5.

Mike pours a new beer: Sorry, I spilled. But it's ok, you guys still have plenty of that stuff, right?

Paul, frustrated: You wouldn't say that if it were your children. CFH: -10.

Mike with a new beer: This one is totally flat and tastes more like apple sauce...

Paul drops his beer in hock and explains: That was gyle for the next batch...! CFH: -50

Mike examines the next beer: That's the new beer? Looks great! Very clear! Nice fizz! Awesome aroma! Tastes terrific!

Paul, smiling: CFH: +100.

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