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Beer garden reopened

Finally Corona restrictions are lifted --- what could go wrong?


Paul is sitting at the kitchen table, bored and frustrated.

Max comes in: Hey, the state is reopened! Isolation is over!

Paul, jumping up: And the weather is great! Let's head over to the beer garden!

Max, heading out: Support local beer business!

As Paul and Max get to the beer garden, they are disappointed, as it's all crowded. There is a long line for the beer and nowhere to sit.

One guy: Is this the beer line?

Other guy: Yes, no pushing,

Back at the kitchen table, Paul tries to make the best of it: At least we could pick up a six-pack at the convenience store on the way back.

Paul: Herd beermunity?

Max: Let's try again in 2 or 3 weeks. Should see much less people then.

Tags: beer garden

Series Corona virus

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