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Corona: Unreasonable to panic and back

Who underestimated Corona? Panic? When does it stop?


Paul: It comes from China, not from Corona.

The risk is considered "moderate" only.

It's a lung disease! Not a beer!

There is this new Corona virus.

Max: I only drink strong beers anyway.

I don't drink Corona anyway.

I don't drink Tsingtao either.

I don't inhale beer anyway.

Paul: ...with boiling water.

They say you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

...40 seconds...

... every 20 minutes for 10 minutes..


Max: Later! I need to get my panic buys done before everybody is out of panics!

Max: Ok, I'm done with isolation. Yes, I know there is no medicine yet. So what? Each time I go out drinking people tell me to stop, just based on my time drinking and not because of other criteria!

Must protect the economy! Let's save a few brewpubs!

What's the point of surviving if my favorite bars don't?

Paul: Just get a beer from the fridge. Grab one for me, too.

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