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Bad batch

What's the difference between a beginning homebrewer and an experienced homebrewer when it comes to a bad batch?


Paul and Max sample their latest homebrew.


Max: Yuck! This batch of our homebrew tastes just nasty!

Max: Guess we can still use it for cooking.

Paul: Maybe that works for DMS in a veggie stew.

Max: Let's brew it again and then we'll blend the batches.

Paul: Now we have twice as much bad beer.

Max: Put some fruit in it!

Paul: That's like placing air fresheners in an outhouse. Nice idea, but doesn't cut it.

An experienced homebrewer samples his latest batch.

Experienced brewer

Experienced homebrewer: Oh, this has a strong phenolic off-flavor.

Experienced homebrewer, dumping the beer down the drain: I should get my books and look up what could cause that and how to prevent it. I could probably brew again this Saturday.

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