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I love brewing!

How excitement changes over the course of a brew day.


Max and Paul start their brew day.

Max: I love brewing!

Paul: Awesome! Here we go!

Max: Is that the right temperature? Smells weird. Or is it too cold?

Paul, stirring the brew pot: Come on, move, you sparge! Your mother was a cement block!

Max running towards the pot, from which thick bubbles of wort drop everywhere: Aah! It's boiling over! Help!

Max, looking at the dirty kitchen, pots and gear all over the floor, dripping with wort: This sucks.

Paul: What a mess.

Max, on his knees, scrubbing the floor: I hate brewing.

Paul with a pot on his head: Let's brew again next weekend!

With help from /u/datbeerdude.

Tags: homebrewing mess

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