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The brewery tour starts!

Good advice, ignored advice.


Paul and Max are about to take the tour of the BeerCraftery brewery.

Kevin: Hello everybody! My name is Kevin, I'm the deputy mash marshal here at the BeerCraftery, and I'll be your tour guide today.

Kevin remembers problems with previous tours: Some quick ground rules: Don't touch anything...

Kevin's memory of a dumb ass kid opening a valve on a tank dousing his buddy in aging beer. Idiot: Huh...

Kevin: ...and stay out of any blocked off areas.

Guy who tripped and landed in a palette of empty cans, crushing most of them: Oops! Must have tripped! Good thing all these cans were already empty!

Brewer: Already?!

Kevin: All good? Then we are ready to go!

Visitors: I need to text Susi...

Yeah, sure


When do we get a beer?

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