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Secret bar

Where only the locals go.


Paul stands next to Max who is reading a magazine.

Paul: Anything interesting in the Daily Brews? Or just the usual report on 10 breweries you'll never get even close to?

Max: Actually, yes! A review of the top 3 best kept secret craft beer bars around here!

Paul: Popperstank? That closed years ago!

Max: And that place changed owners and now sells only Lighty Light.

Max: That leaves us with the Saaz Saloon.

Paul: Never heard of that. Let's go!

As they approach the bar, Paul and Max find themselves at the end of a long line of hipsters.

First hipster: Daily Brew, you too? How ironic...

Second hipster: If the line gets longer it's too uncool.

Hipster girl: Like, dude, totally retro!

Max: Maybe it should remain a secret.

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