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Question and answer

The advanced philosophy of beer and types of sentences.


Paul, Max, and Jessica are sitting around the table.

Paul, a few beers in: Beer is not the question. Beer is the answer, and the question doesn't matter.

Max, slumped in his chair: Beer is not the answer! Beer is the question and the answer is "yes"!

Paul: Oh. I think I'll need a beer to process this?

Max: Is this a question or an answer?

Paul: But can a question also be an answer at the same time?

Max: Let me answer this with a question: beer?

Paul: Let's discuss this.

Max: If a beer opens in a forest and no one is around to drink it, is that a statement or a tragedy?

Paul: Beer. That is a statement. But it's also an answer. And a question, too.

Max: Ok, let's get a question beer, an answer beer, and chicken wings.

Paul: We have a veritable chicken and egg problem at our hands!

Max: Beer.

Jessica, somewhat clear: ...and they haven't even discussed the style...

Caption: Somewhere around 17 questions, err, answers, err beers, only philosophy majors can keep up.

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