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Mash temperature over time

So many different ways to mash in!


A series of diagrams show mash temperature over time.

The first diagram shows the temperature dropping slightly, then remaining constant. Caption: Single step mash

The second diagram shows an increase in temperature over three steps. Caption: Step infusion mash

The third diagram looks like the previous one, with a brief extra temperature step in the beginning. Caption: Step infusion mash with ferulic rest

The fourth diagram shows two curves, the upper one going higher and coming back down to meet the other curve. Caption: Double decoction

The fifth diagram shows a few steps up in temperature, then temperature drops below the y axis and remains flat. Caption: Misunderstanding the Eisbock idea

The sixth diagram shows a jittery curve that roughly shows a few temperature steps, with a lot of variance around each step. Caption: Bad thermometer step infusion

The seventh diagram shows a curve that starts to go up, then slowly comes down to where it started, remains there for some time, then spikes up, stays at a higher temperature for some time, goes higher again, and stays at that temperature for a bit. Caption: Forgot to buy gas step infusion mash

The eighth diagram shows a rising curve with two sharp drops that look like claws, the rises to form the shape of a head with pointy ears, then goes down again to look like claws. Caption: Cat laying in ambush specialty mash

The last curve shows an increase, then drops below the original value, forms a one-finger salute, and flatlines at the original temperature again. Caption: IoT brew system got hacked by ransomware

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