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Kitchen cleanliness after a brew day

How kitchen cleaning varies by brewer experience level.


A dirty kitchen with a pot boiling over and lots of stains and puddles on the floor.

Paul, next to the pot: Can you get me the mop? My feet are stuck to the floor.

Jessica, at the kitchen table: Nice... after each brew day the kitchen gets cleaned.

A kitchen with stained newspapers on the floor, and a pot with some spills on the stove.

Paul, smiling and looking at the newspapers: Old newspapers on the floor make cleaning easy.

Jessica, at the kitchen table: Dang, the kitchen is almost as dirty as before brewing.

A somewhat clean kitchen, with a pot on the stove.

Paul, relaxed: Some little spots here and there...

Jessica, at the kitchen table: After brewing, the kitchen is as dirty as before, but at least the beer is great!

New home brewer vs experienced home brewer

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