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If airlines were running bars

Cause why should you pay for the chair for the fat guy next to you?


Paul slides on the bench, Max takes a bar stool.

Bartender: Bar stool and padded corner seat... $2 and $3.50. What do you want to drink?

Max: Any specials?

Paul: Uh, I'll have a pale ale.

Bartender: $5. With glass? Make it $6.50.

Bartender, turning to Max: Specials? We had some IPA for $1, but the 3 glasses are already gone. Now it's $7.

Max: Ok.

Bartender, putting the beer in front of Paul and Max: Remember, $10 convenience fee when I hand you the beer. Don't forget to tip!

If airlines were running bars

Tags: IPA bar pale ale

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