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Brew day: noob vs experienced homebrewer

How is home brewing different for beginners and experienced homebrewers?


Max, on the phone, with a book in his hand, sweating, stressed out: Yes, you do disturb, so make it quick! What page was the recipe? Do I have everything? Filtered water? Check. Exactly 10 lbs DME? Check. 2.5 oz Citra hops? Check. Yeast starter? Check. Say again? Sorry, I was distracted. Where is the thermometer? Have a beer? Nooo! I am too busy today!

Experienced homebrewer, on the phone, calm: Hey, how are you? Good to hear! Me too! Well, I have some malt and hops lying around, so I figured I'd brew today. Sure, let's hang out. It's too boring just by myself. Any time! I'm home! Bring a six pack!

Subtitle: Brew day for noobs vs experienced homebrewers

Tags: brewing

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