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First meeting

What to expect? How will it be?


Max and Paul make it to their first meeting with the Salads, the local homebrew club, at a local bar.

Paul: Hi, we're looking for the Salads and didn't bring any beer.

Bartender: Sure...they're in the back room.

Max: I bet this just a few guys and we're the only ones with beer.

Dan: Hey, I'm Dan! Welcome to the Salads!

Max: Hello, we got some beer!

Dan: Cool, come on in and put your beer on the table with all the others.

Homebrewer: Prickly pear? You too? Saw it next to the road. The only question was: pale ale or weizen as the base beer?

Homebrewer: Don't look, drink. BJCP snob!

Homebrewer: For this beer I did a cooperation with Flat Tire. They brew it, I drink it!

Homebrewer: I always wear my Beerkenstocks when I'm brewing.

Homebrewer: I stopped drinking while brewing. Somehow I always came out at a loss.

Dan: The table over there may have some space.

Homebrewer: Dude, I'm soo clumsy! I have amazon prime automatically send me a new hydrometer every month!

With help from Matt Dunegan.

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