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Expired free beer

What can a brewery do if it cannot sell its beer kegs?


Flounderstoned brewery finds itself in a crisis.

Brewer: Dang Covid! People don't go to bars anymore, and bars send our kegs back when they are at the best before date! What can we do?!

Other person: Well, the beer is still good! Let's give it away for free for people to pick up. Great advertising!

Brewery employee at an improvised bar in the street: Free beer! We don't dump it, we donate it!

Max, passing the bar: Dude, why would I want expired beer?

Brewery employee: It's not expired. It's steel barrel aged.

Person in the street: Here! Fill my grocery bags!

Person with bike: I only got my helmet! Anyway!

Max: Me, me! Down the hatch!

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