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Dialogue with the customer

How important is the dialogue with the customer or those that might become customers some day?


Max is writing an email.

Email text: Hello Tres Y Griegas brewing, somehow I didn't receive a reply to my previous email, so I'm resending it. Unfortunately I couldn't make it when you gave away the beer for free cause Flounderstoned brewing was also giving away their almost expired beer for free, and I like theirs better. So please send a mini keg to my above address. No need to wrap it, just slap a stamp on it and drop it off. Priority delivery please! I'm almost done with Flounderstoned's beer! --Max PS: I'll mention you on my YouTube channel.

Max: Dialogue with the customer is really important, isn't it?

Max: If they won't send me any, it's probably bad anyway and I won't be a customer.

Paul: Uh, if you don't buy anything, you're not a customer.

Max: Ok, send.

Paul: A mediocre brewery gives free beer to anybody, a bad one to anybody but you...

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