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Dying of hunger

Makes me wonder how a pizza dough with (spent) grains tastes.


During their improvised illegal tour of the BeerCraftery brewery, Paul and Max run into the next problem: hunger.

Paul: I'm getting hungry...

Max: Me too.

Paul: Guess we can just eat some malt.

Max: Ouch. No, it's way too hard.

Max: Hey, let's just order a pizza!

Paul: But then they'll find us!

Max: No! Watch!

Max, on the phone: Don't ring the bell, the malt is already asleep. Just shove the pizza through under the door.

Max, on the phone: No, we cannot open the door. We are conducting an important experiment that involves free floating yeasts.

Max, on the phone: Of course at night! This is for a full moon pale ale, after all

Max, on the phone: Say again? Of course I am dead serious! You just worry about the pizza and leave the beer... hey?!

Paul: Some more pilsner or rather Munich?

Max: Smoked please. If I ruin my teeth with this, I might as well do it bacon flavored.

Tags: malt pale ale pizza yeast

Series BeerCraftery

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