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Caramunich in a Märzen

Some people just overthink everything.


At the meeting of the Salads, the local homebrewer's club, Paul asks some homebrewers about a märzen recipe.

At the Salads homebrewer's meeting

Paul: How much caramunich do I need in a märzen?

One homebrewer: 5 gallons märzen? About a pound.

Other homebrewer: Where do you live? What water plant? Did you get a water profile? Let's see if that is online.

What is the grain bill?

Well, that depends!

Other ingredients? Unmalted grain?

Third homebrewer: How much other cara malts?

Original gravity? Expected alcohol?

How do you brew? Infusion? Decoction? How many steps?

Which hops and how long?

One homebrewer: It's gonna be beer...

Other homebrewer: Exactly 454g, give or take. We'd need more details for a more precise answer.

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