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Beers of 2019

The year 2019 in beer.


A beer ad: Beers of 2019

Big Bock Theory brewing: not just for geeks!

No longer in production.


Bol Sonaro

Brazilian brown beer

Relation-ship agreement Red ale

Smoked beer, cooked and smoked on real tropical rain forests! Now with an extinct insect in each bottle!

Locally brewed. (Sorry, we cannot validate parking tickets when you buy this.)

Dictator Dunkel

Your fav beer, or go to jail!

Saturdays for Stouts

Cooperation brewing by China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, and many more.

Coming next year: 737 Maximator plane pilsner

Now with even more twitter tirades

Impeachment IPA

Also try our Grounded Grisette!

We cut a few corners so that you can get smashed real good!

Tags: smoked beer stout

Series Beers around the world

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