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What is important in brewing and beer?

My contribution to #IAmCraftBeer.


Max and Paul hang out.

Max: We're Paul (him) and Max (me) from beercomics.

Paul: We don't care how you look or how you are. Skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or origin is not important when making or drinking beer.

Max: Well, we care about origin when you bring us cool new beers from distant places!

Max: But we will call you out if you're a racist asshole. #IAmCraftBeer

Paul: That's redundant. Like sour Berliner Weisse.

Max: Ok, now back to the important discussions! Sour is a style, not a spoiled batch! Everybody loves NEIPAs! We don't mock people for brewing with extract! Fruit is legal in beer! Even vegetables! And spices! And whatnot!

Paul: Oh yeah? NEIPA is the new sour, all hipster crap for people that normally don't drink beer! Give me a beer that doesn't taste like beer! Ridiculous! Pumpkin beer must not be on the shelves while the Octoberfest is still on! And don't get me started about xmas beers!

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