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Voice control


Looking back at the last decade: Starting in the late 2010s, natural language control became ubiquitous.

Chick from the ad: Hey Underbeerd, I am having a Hopxtreme Helles!

Phone: You just earned the Hoppy Hipster badge!

Paul: Initial glitches...

Little hook over a circle, next to a 90° turned T, then an inverted Y, followed by another 90° turned T...

Max: Right. Want another one?

...were quickly called features.

Bubba: Wassswatchsnapppown!

Sorry, still didn't get that. Are you sure you should keep drinking?

Waitstaff had to enter beers for patrons, or people had designated speakers.

Waiter: Max and Paul have yet another Brains Out bock.

Overall, reception was mixed.

First person: Astra pils, not aspirin pills!

Second person: Hey google, that was not for you!

Third person: Cold feet WHEAT! I don't need socks!

Paul: Good we don't need to mess with bar codes anymore.

Max: Shut up, I try to check in here!

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