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Too many cooks

Now with extra digital assistants for even more spoiling!


Paul and Max are starting their next batch of homebrew.

Paul: Alexa, how do you brew a triple decoction?

Alexa: Mash in at 95, then--

Max: Hey Siri, is Alexa right?

Siri: Well, you need to first keep in mind--

Cortana: Cortana here. You are both wrong, you assume--

One of the assistants from the next room: That wouldn't even do for a double decoction! Is that how Apple brews?!

Paul, sneaking away: Ok, they are busy with themselves, let's brew!

One of the assistants from the next room: What? Your recipe is a blue screen ale! Dry hopped with general protection fault!

Paul, doughing in: I still wonder if there's an easier way to turn off certain features...

Max, stirring the pot: Not if those guys from certain internet forums program these things.

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