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Style reveal party

At least no forest was burned for this reveal party.


Max and Paul record a video for their homebrewing channel.

Paul, recording with his phone: Welcome to the Max and Paul homebrew channel! Today we have a special treat for you.

Max: Ready!

Paul: Style reveal party! Top or bottom fermenting? Let's find out!

Max shoots a bottle rocket towards a fermenting bucket in a table.

Here we go!

The rocket hits the bucket and strikes a hole, through which wort splatters onto the floor.

Max: Oops.

ĥe impact also makes the fermenting bucket fall off the table. It breaks open on the floor and spills wort all over.

Paul, unable to not look or do anything: Good thing is we're streaming this live.

Max equally stunned: Good thing nobody follows us anyway.

Paul: Soon all cleaning companies in town will follow us.

Paul, addressing the audience: Doesn't matter! As long as it is a beer!

Max, mopping the floor: Mop Märzen! Bottom fermenting! Down to earth.

Tags: mess märzen

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